Spray Tan

This course is for beginners and will learn you how to carry out a safe full body spray tan. also the after care and health and safety.


What Is Covered In This Course?

Course Contents

* What is Spray Tan

* Contra-indications and Client Preparation

* Preparation & Products

* Application/Procedure and Aftercare

* Skin Types

* Cells and Tissues

* The Skin

* Personal Standards and Practice

* Hygiene

* Effective Communication with Clients

* Preparation of the Work Area

* Health & Safety Legislations

* Insurance

What Qualifications Do I Gain From The Course?

This course is fully accredited by Professional Beauty Direct.

You will learn the skills and get a certificate on the day to gain your insurance through the provider you choose.

acrylic - Semi Permanent Makeup - permanent make-up clinic - nail polish manufacturer - tanning salon

Spray Tanning qualification.