• Diane Stubbs

What a year..

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Usually at this time of the year we normally celebrate people having weddings and holidays, but this year we are celebrating the fact that we are as healthy as we can be. 2020 has brought some changes, including the safety and social distancing rules. We have exciting things happening to look forward to in the future, instead of being negative about everything. Nobody knows how long it will go on for but the main thing is we, as a team at the salon are still trying to make the place a nice and relaxing place for you to come and have your treatments. We always keep the salon clean and tidy, but due to certain times, there are a few extra measures we have in place. I believe that places like ours and others strongly support community spirit and well being. We aim to make people feel a bit better about themselves and their days. If you're feeling down, we will try to pick you up.. Coming back to work after 17 weeks closed helped me with my well being, so I thank all the customers for coming back to the salon in these tough times and helping us through it.

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