So as we are approaching our third week of the second lockdown, due to COVID-19, I wanted to put things into perspective for us as a family, beauty salon and a small local business. Obviously it's a hard time for everyone, but certainly worrying times for our family and friends.

My thoughts are that everyday I'm grateful we are all ok, I'm grateful we are currently safe at home and can still contact our loved ones. I have 4 beautiful boys and hubby at home with me, my mum and dad are isolating but staying safe and well and my brother and hubby are also well and safe, for this I am very thankful, We have many friends and clients also (I consider these friends too) and we get so much constant support from everyone.

Now as regards the salon, I worry about my vulnerable ladies and gents, I think about them being lonely or poorly. I know I read that nails, beauty, tattoos etc are not essential, which I agree its not, but what I consider essential is mental health and wellbeing. Most customers comments relate to missing the peaceful hour they get, or the friendly chat. The time off from caring for ill partners parents or just hyper kids!! I try to stay in touch with as many as possible, they all know if they need anything they can contact me ? Equally they all keep me safe too, I miss work, I miss nails but most of all I miss our customers, the kindness and support helps us all at worrying times, I cannot wait to see everyone again soon, hopefully before Xmas, I'm getting lots of new ideas together - So my final thought would be, however you need supporting.

Be kind, take care of each other and … as tiny Tim would say "God bless us, everyone". - Diane xx.