Eyeliner Lash Line Enhancement

Lash line enhancement is a shading in the lash line for a thicker appearance of eyelashes. It will make it appear that your lashes are thicker and darker as opposed to a full eyeliner look.


Eyeliner With or Without Flick

A  black liner to enhance by  sweeping the attention up to your beautiful eyes, and adding a touch of elegance to your everyday look.  The shape and thickness is custom designed to the individual client requirements can be achieved with or without a finishing flick.

acrylic - Semi Permanent Makeup - permanent make-up clinic - nail polish manufacturer - tanning salon


Eyeliner Lash Line Enhancement

Top or Bottom



Top and Bottom



Eyeliner With or Without Flick

Thin Liner - Top or Bottom



Thin Liner - Top and Bottom



Thick Liner - Top or Bottom




Thick Liner - Top and Bottom



Flick added to any liner above



All treatments include 1 top up (4 Weeks)

Pink Blossom