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Tips To Toes

By Diane

Anti Wrinkle Injection​

An Anti Wrinkle Injection is injected into your facial muscles to stop them from contracting, allowing wrinkles and fine lines to fade and your skin to become smoother. It is a temporary Anti-Ageing solution and can be administered in varying amounts depending on the severity of the target area.

When to use it

If your unwanted lines and wrinkles are the result of frowning, squinting or smiling then a anti Wrinkle Injection is ideal solution as it targets the muscles responsible for facial movement and expressions.

Where to use it

The first signs of ageing are generally noticeable at the corners of your mouth, in-between your eyebrows and under your eyes. It’s best to use Botox to smooth expression lines, including crow’s feet and frown lines between the eyebrows.

How long does Anti Wrinkle Injection  last and is it painful?

Generally, the results of a  Anti Wrinkle Injection are visible for between three and six months. While slight bruising and swelling is normal, the treatment is virtually pain-free.