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Aesthetics Clinic

Anti-wrinkle injection / Fillers clinic at the salon 

At our salon we only use top quality products and our clients trust us to offer the advice they need, which is why we have entrusted this wonderful lady.

Heather has your best interests in mind at all times and as

this will only be available by prescription. You can rest assured

you are getting only the best treatment in a clean and safe environment.

Heather will be available to chat, answer any questions and give advice.

If you have wanted Botox or dermal fillers but never looked into it seriously or if you already have these treatments but wanted to try someone new, then here is your chance, taking bookings etc

so spread the word put the date in your diary

we look forward to seeing you there, bring a friend if you want too.

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Anti-Wrinkle  Injections

  • One Area              £99

  • Two Areas             £160

  • Three Areas          £190

Dermal Fillers

  • 1 ML               £180

  • 2 ML               £290